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Shine Mortgages
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Shine Mortgages

Shine Mortgages is the online mortgage advisor spread across the UK for residential as well as commercial properties. With a panel of 70 lenders and more than 800 products, the company is serving the needs of numberless borrowers. With a clear understanding of market trends, the broker owns a strong knowledge of every nook and cranny of the industry.

Certified with the trust of the borrowers, Shine Mortgages has attained a reliable place. The prime aim is to help the people with whatever financial condition, find their way to buy a home. Through affordable mortgage deals, we want to make the borrowing easy and borrower-friendly. By the way, there is no brokerage or any fee demand from our side.

Our policies to list the lenders on the panel

To provide uncompromised service in every possible manner, we have a set of gatekeepers in the role of qualifying parameters. They make sure that the lenders on the best possible standards and ethics get on the display. This helps maintain a better relationship with the mortgage providers as well as the fund seekers.

For us, the lenders

  • Should be registered with the regulated authority
  • Should have the maximum LTV limit up to 90%
  • Should have a broad reach across the United Kingdom
  • Should be equipped with new-age solutions to serve people with credit score issues
  • Should have instant approval decision policy
  • Should not charge any hidden fee from the borrower

We help to expats in both the situations –

  • Borrowers that want to come back to the UK
  • Borrowers that want to stay in another country but need to buy a property in the UK

We even have a liberal approach towards currency complications and can tackle Euro, Dollar and other currencies.

The list of mortgage products to find with us

The company covers almost all the aspects of the property ladder that a borrower may require. This is a glimpse of our platform with all the products that we deal in.

Shine Mortgages

What do we deliver as a broker?

  • Quick response to your query within 15 minutes
  • Mortgage deals out of 800 options
  • 24×7 online assistance
  • Advice to improve your financial flaws to enhance the chances of approval
  • Our presence is within 2 miles in most of the cities of the UK
  • Face-to-face interactions from morning 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Provide help and support even if you are refused for a mortgage
  • In a commercial mortgage, we assist to start-ups too

Some of the reviews that define us well

The trust and satisfaction of our customers are the only two essential pillars of our existence in the market. We take them very seriously, and this is what gives us a positive outcome. Have a look at what the borrowers have to say about that.

‘I am delighted with the services provided by Shine Mortgages. They are super speedy, within 15 minutes of my query, I got 87 options for my mortgage need. I picked one, and the decision was not wrong. Without any second thought, I will recommend this broker to all out there in the wait to get their mortgage.’

  •  Jill Brown

‘Shine Mortgages is the best mortgage broker in Edinburgh, Glasgow etc. in the UK. Their liberal policies helped me get rid of all the misinterpretations people have about the brokers. Their expertise on the mortgage policies is unparalleled, as it helped me understand all the complications of taking a home loan. I got my fund within 15 days.’

  • Sarah Smith

‘I am a business owner in Edinburgh and was in a desperate search for a mortgage deal to open my new office in Liverpool. I went to Shine Mortgages and in a very friendly conversation; they got the nerve of my need. They brought the choices of 10 most promising lenders that could help me. I chose one and within three weeks of all the formalities the funds were in my account.’

  • Michael Clark

Shine Mortgages is a one-page book that you can read all at once. With due transparency, we cater to the needs of a wide category of customers. Visit us to know us better. The conversation is the vital thing we prefer because taking a mortgage is a big decision, and we never forced to make any decision. Let us get friendly first and then the solution will come naturally.

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