Beware! These Money Matters Will Kill Your Relationship

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Beware! These Money Matters Will Kill Your Relationship

Relationships and money matter; they seem to like very separate things. Relationships are built with the matter of heart, whereas money matters have no place for the heart. I work on the mind. And that is a wrong perception.

Moreover, I am here to address this very important issue. Even the most lovey-dovey couple end up in divorce or break up if they let money matter come in between.

First of all, you must acknowledge money is essential. In addition, it is part of our lives. In fact, your lifestyle depends on how much money you have.

Youth today and college kids who are unemployed claim money does not matter while claiming to be in love head over heels. Kids buy expensive gifts with loan money. That’s right online loans for unemployed no credit checks are available and people take them to buy expensive gifts for their partners.

And people end up with debts which cause stress that breaks the relationship in the end.

Relationship and Money Matters

If you are in a relationship, money is essential. If you are not in a relationship, money still matters. Money is essential from the beginning of the relationship to the whole process.

Couples often ignore the signs. They ignore to discuss money matters and end with disastrous results. Given below are vital issues that you need to address if you want to uphold a healthy, loving relationship. Beware of the signs and work on them before your relationship fails:

Unvalued Unpaid Labour

A couple who lives together and shares a life, they shop together and do everything together in the same space. You see, in most relations, the person who earns more money feels a sense of entitlement, whereas the person who earns less or does not earn is supposed to do things for the other one.

If only we had a system to monetize unpaid labour. If you are a couple where one is earning, and the other is staying at home, dad or mom or person, respect each other.

Warning signs: if stay-at-home partner suddenly seems lousy at household chores.

                                If you find a “stay a home” partner in a foul mood almost every other day.

                                If your “stay at home” partner does not ask you to help around at home much.

If you see these signs, don’t ignore them. Discuss it with your partner. Yes, your partner is not making money, but household chores are as much a part of home economics as any other high-paying job.

Value your partner. Show that the work she or he is doing at home is essential for you and that you value it.


Having debt is a significant cause of most finance-based divorces. Having debts take a toll on you. You constantly feel under pressure. You work day and night to clear the debts, and still, it feels mounting.

The couple who have hidden debts are even worse. It is not a surprise anyone needs to see.

Warning signs: your partner hides bank statements.

                                Your partner does not talk about banks or money.

Having debts is not a crime. However, hiding them is a very immoral thing to do. If you are in debt, discuss it with your partner. Talk about options openly. Work together to get rid of debts instead of hiding from each other.

Honesty in money matters is important.

You and I

People who have recently moved in should focus on this one. When you were single, you were responsible for your own money. You had no one to answer to. You spent your money but you liked.

After moving in, this issue becomes uncomfortable and even toxic if not addressed.

Warning signs: Your partner only pays for his or her stuff.

                                Paying bills at a restaurant has become a tug of war

When they buy something, they show their ownership over it, like a couch or a table, etc.

When you are in a relationship, money matters everywhere. Why not discuss things with your partner? Remember, there is no “you and I” in a couple. Make a budget together. Share your expenses. If one partner is not working, show them the support.

In addition, it is essential to respect each other’s wishes while making a budget. Just because a Starbucks is unnecessary to you does not mean your partner should quit it. Respect and understanding are essential. Act sooner or these silly issues can ruin everything.

The Power Move

Every relationship is about power moves. And every fight is about who was more right. Well apart from silly prick and stones, it should not enter into money matters of a couple.

Warning signs: One partner works for a living while the other does not.

One spouse hail from a wealthy family, whereas the other does not.

If you are a couple from the above scenario, it is a warning in itself. A relationship is about equality, and you cannot show entitlement just because you earn more or hail from a wealthy family. These power moves will intimidate your partner, and things may end badly.

No Savings

You must have heard of a long-term couple breaking up, and you think, what must I take to break a long-term couple? Well, there are so many things, and money is one major factor.

So you are doing financially well, you live your life with luxury and spend as per your wishes. And savings is totally on the back seat.

One bad situation, one emergency, and you will find yourself struggling for money. This is why saving is essential.

Warning signs: You don’t have an emergency fund set up.

                                You don’t have at least three months’ worth of your pay in your bank account.

See, these are circumstantial issues, yet they may kill your relationship. So, why pet a relationship killer. Set up a savings fund and an emergency fund today. It is time to be financially responsible.

Make a move.


So there it was. These are the signs to beware of if you don’t want to kill your relationship.

Even the most adoring couple can divorce or break up if money becomes an issue. Money is vital from the beginning of the connection to the end of the procedure. Your financial situation determines your lifestyle. Today, unemployed youth and college students declare that money is unimportant while claiming to be madly over heels in love. People wind up in debt, which causes stress and, in the end, ruins the relationship.

Money is crucial if you are in a relationship; it is also significant if you are not in a relationship. Money is essential in a relationship. Debt is a primary reason for most financial divorces. In a healthy relationship, financial honesty is essential. There is no “you and I” in a couple when it comes to money.

Money should not come into the financial problems of a couple’s relationship. A partnership is about equality, and you cannot demonstrate entitlement simply because you earn more or come from a wealthy family. Power movements will intimidate your companion, and things could go wrong. You’ve probably heard of a long-term relationship breaking up and wondered what it takes to break up a long-term couple.

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